International Cooperation On The Alliance For The United Nations Habitat Assistance Programme For Poor Yaks (UNHAPPY)


ACKNOWLEDGING the intrinsic merit of operationalising cooperative processes.

COGNISCENT OF the intrinsic merit of mainstreaming collaborative relevant stakeholders.

RECOGNISING the significance of facilitating relevant partner countries.

RECOGNISING the value of actioning contextually sensitive reporting.

BEARING IN MIND the action of the United Nations Worldwide English Language Lessons (UNWELL) on the planning of the committee for Least Developed Countries.

INVITES Norway, Finland and Sweden in unifying relevant stakeholders fully compliant with operationalising the international cooperation on the under-committee for the African HIV/AIDS crisis.

URGES the United Nations Workgroup for the Autogeneration of Non-Technical English Documents (UNWANTED) in prioritising regional integration processes whilst recognising the importance of strengthening the review of the alliance for judicial conduct.

DECIDES to remain seized of the matter.