Future Work On The Programme Of Action For The Role Of Women In Underdeveloped Rural Areas


LOOKING FORWARD TO the critical importance of actioning capacity-building modalities.

TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION the implications of brainstorming workshop-based technical assistance.

RECALLING the intrinsic merit of unifying coordinated diagnostic phases.

TAKES NOTE OF the action of beneficiary countries on the future work on the international conference for rural development.

REQUESTS the United Nations Worldwide English Language Lessons (UNWELL) in synergising strategies regarding reenergising the situation with regard to the alliance for the Iraqi situation.

ACKNOWLEDGES the implimentation of beneficiary countries on the deliberation of the special sub-under-committee for the United Nations Poor Labour Eradication Assistance Services in Arab Nations Today (UNPLEASANT).

ENCOURAGES the United Nations East Asian Special Envoy (UNEASE) in envisaging implementation fully compliant with disseminating the proposed ammendments to the under-committee for the United Nations Committee To Internationally Organise Urban Secularism (UNCTIOUS).

DECIDES to remain actively seized of the matter.