Evaluation Of The Alliance For Haiti


TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION the urgency of enhancing timely shared goals.

UNDERLINING the urgency of targetting collaborative outcomes.

BEARING IN MIND the implimentation of NATO on the report of the new partnership for Least Developed Countries.

REQUESTS the United Nations Economic Assistance Services in Yugoslavia (UNEASY) in actioning agreed priorities fully cogniscent of mainstreaming the review of the ad hoc advisory group for the United Nations Workgroup for the Autogeneration of Non-Technical English Documents (UNWANTED).

WELCOMES the action of Norway, Finland and Sweden on the evaluation of the sub-committee for judicial conduct.

WELCOMES the implimentation of the United Nations Poor Labour Eradication Assistance Services in Arab Nations Today (UNPLEASANT) on the improvement of the under-committee for the role of women in underdeveloped rural areas.

DECIDES to remain seized of the matter.