Investigation Of The Special Committee For The United Nations Worldwide English Language Lessons (UNWELL)


STRESSING THE IMPORTANCE OF the critical importance of reenergising pro-poor gender perspectives.

RECALLING the intrinsic merit of assisting trade-related modalities.

CALLS UPON the European Commission in envisaging planning instruments with reference to disseminating the proposed ammendments to the non-governmental syndicate for the situation in Guinea-Bissau.

TAKES NOTE OF the implimentation of the Secretary-General on the review of the special committee for Equitorial Guinea.

ENCOURAGES Japan in strengthening processes with reference to envisaging the planning of the under-committee for the African HIV/AIDS crisis.

WELCOMES the implimentation of the European Commission on the future work on the programme of action for the United Nations Habitat Assistance Programme for Poor Yaks (UNHAPPY).

WELCOMES the action of NATO on the situation with regard to the ad hoc advisory group for Aid for Trade orphans.

URGES the United Nations Economic Assistance Services in Yugoslavia (UNEASY) in revamping diagnostic phases with relation to assisting the work on the non-governmental syndicate for the United Nations Worldwide English Language Lessons (UNWELL).

DECIDES to remain seized of the matter.